Short documentation: Dell OMSA 4.4 on Debian Sarge

Pauli Borodulin pauli.borodulin at
Thu Jul 7 06:22:52 CDT 2005


Last week I mentioned on the list that I'm working on a Debian Sarge 
package of OMSA 4.4. My work is finished for now. You can read the 
documentation and download the files from the web page I made. The 
address of the page is:

Please, don't try it first on your highly important production servers. 
:-) If you don't have a spare server to use for trying it out, wait for 
comments about it from others on the list. I hope there will be some. I 
also really recommend reading the documentation before trying to install 
the package -- otherwise you wont get far.

Best regards,
Pauli Borodulin <pauli.borodulin at>
Systems Analyst, tel. +358 3 3551 7892
Computer Centre / Room B4179
University of Tampere, Finland

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