OES Linux on PowerEdge 1850 with PowerVault 220

Paul Puschmann lnx at uzulabs.net
Wed Jul 6 05:34:18 CDT 2005

Nuurul Basar wrote:
> Hi,  
> I have purchase the PowerEdge 1850 dual processor 3.2Ghz with 2 72GB
> SCSI Hard Disk and one PowerVault 220.
> When I did the initial set up for the poweredge it detect both my SCSI
> Hard Disk but not the powervault, I am sure that I have connected the
> cable between both server and vault.  Since the dell CD don’t support
> SUSE yet is there a way to know does my OES saw the powervault?.
> Secondly I need to do raid 1 (mirroring on the 2 72GB HD) but the
> information from novell and dell web site are not clear yet.  Can any
> one advice how this is done on YAST.
Did you do the setup for your PowerVault in the RAID-Controller(Perc)
admin-panel (press keys during bootup).
If you don't see any messages on bootup regarding your powervault, you
might have an hardware problem.

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the mailinglist.

Kind regards, Paul
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