2850, Redhat AS 3.0, Oracle, EMC CX300 anomaly?

Matt Daniels mattdaniels at cfl.rr.com
Wed Jul 6 02:49:05 CDT 2005

Has anyone seen anything like this before?

[oracle at rac1 oracle]$ df -h 
Filesystem            Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on 
/dev/sda7              16T   16T     0 100% / 
/dev/sda3             190M   16M  165M   9% /boot 
/dev/sda8             2.0G  573M  1.4G  30% /home 
/dev/sda5              12G  9.0G  2.3G  80% /opt/oracle 
none                  4.0G     0  4.0G   0% /dev/shm 
/dev/sda12           1012M   33M  928M   4% /tmp 
/dev/sda6             5.0G  2.1G  2.7G  44% /usr 
/dev/emcpowerf1       377G  137G  221G  39% /u06 
/dev/emcpowera1       401G  2.8G  399G   1% /u01 
/dev/emcpowerb1       134G  4.5G  130G   4% /u02 
/dev/emcpowerc1       134G   71M  134G   1% /u03 
/dev/emcpowerd1       267G   59M  267G   1% /u04 
/dev/emcpowere1      1023M   78M  945M   8% /u05 

Notice the root filesystem shows 16 Terabytes, and that it's full.

At this point I couldn't execute ps, ls, or anything else that was
in /bin or /usr/bin, but the database was still running, as we could
access our application, which runs on another 2850 with Oracle AS10g.

When I attempted to reboot, I received errors saying "module ext3 already
loaded", "module xxx already loaded", etc, then a pivot-root error and a
kernel panic indicating that sysinit couldn't load.

System specifics:
2 2850's with Redhat AS 3.0 21-15.ELsmp, each has 2 internal 73GB
drives mirrored with megaraid 2, connected to a 3.2 TB EMC CX300
via dual Qlogix HBA's via 2 McData fibre switches.

Thanks for any insights.
Matt Daniels

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