trying to build the OMSA kernel modules

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>> Subject: trying to build the OMSA kernel modules
>> So, what's the matter here? How come modprobe thinks
>> the module was compiled with gcc 2*?
> The modules are built by Dell and you only get the module binary.  The
> modules are very specific to the kernel versions they work on.
> The conversion from a RPM to a .deb just means you can use the Debian
> package management tools.  It doesn't recompile the modules themselves
> as the source is not included and isn't available.

I understand, that this could be the case, as Dell is delivering part of 
the module in binary form:

 	# ls /opt/dell/srvadmin/hapi/drivers/x86/dks/dcdesm/
 	dcdesm.mak  objgcc296  objgcc32  objgcc34

- however what for would the DKS (Dell Kernel Build Scripts - I recon)
routines be then? It would mean that Dell is delivering a mechanism that 
can build kernel modules for kernels that are not original RHE ones, but 
that those modules won't work - which doesn't make sense to me?


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