PowerEdge 1750 SMP instability on CentOS 4.1

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Tue Jul 5 09:08:40 CDT 2005

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> And I would bet my .02 cents that your kernel is the issue. 
> Have you tried putting a head on the box, disabling the 
> screen blanking and getting a full capture of the panic?

That was a full capture of the panic.  It's too big to fit on screen and
part of it scrolls off the top.  I don't have physical access to the
server at the moment so I can't get to the serial port which would show
me the complete dump.  Need to check to see if the RAC can help.

> Set the box up to do a core dump and check out what the kernel 
> thinks caused the panic?

The kernel itself is trying to dereference a null pointer from all the
panic logs I have.  The exact position seems to vary.

> If you want to go the hardware route, have you checked that 
> the system is up to date with bios, esm, and raid firmware? 
> Dell is going to want to make sure all of that is updated 
> before taking a step into the hardware troubleshooting.

Yes.  It's got all the latest versions of the firmware that I can find
on the Dell support pages for the PowerEdge 1750.

 - Trevor

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