PERC 4e/Di and PERC 4/DC performance comparison

Anup Gangwar agangwar at
Sat Jul 2 14:53:21 CDT 2005

Hi All,

	Could some of the list members please shed more light on the 
performance differences between PERC 4e/Di and PERC 4/DC. I read somewhere 
on the net that the reason why PERC 4e/Di performs so poorly as compared 
to other PERC controllers is because it shares a common bus with other 
devices. Most notably the VGA controller. Due to this bus sharing the 
overall bus speed is reduced to 66MHz which causes a drastic slowdown in 
RAID performance.

Has some member of this list ever noticed such a performance difference. 
Also, will us upgrading to a PERC 4/DC PCI-Express controller help. 

Thanks for all the help.



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