Migrating single-disk server to RAID

Eric Belhomme eric.belhomme at icsb.fr
Fri Jul 1 09:38:36 CDT 2005

Basil Hussain a écrit :

> Now, in order to do this, I obviously need to prepare Linux beforehand to
> work with the PERC - i.e. I need to have the megaraid module loaded and
> configured, etc. This is the area where I am not sure exactly what to do.
> If I am being a bit naïve in assuming that this would all work wonderfully,
> when in fact there are major pitfalls, or it won't work at all, I will have
> to look at another method.
You just have to make sure your installed kernel support the raid 
controller (directly into kernel binary, or via megaraid kernel module)
If you have raid support via module, make sure the megaraid module is 
mentionned into the /etc/modules config file (modules that must be 
loaded at boot time) or force kernel using it into your bootloader.

The devices names sould not change so you should't have to touch to 


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