Migrating single-disk server to RAID

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I'm not quite sure what you mean...

There is a procedure documented in the PERC3 documentation[1] to migrate a
single, pre-installed, non-RAID drive onto a PERC3 RAID controller.

Apparently, according to a couple of posts I found on the DellTalk forums,
plus a brief mention in the other PERC docs[2], there is a 'RAID Migration'
feature in the PERC3 WebBIOS that you can then use to migrate the
single-disk RAID0 array (resulting from the above procedure) to a 2-disk
RAID1 array by adding a disk.

Now, in order to do this, I obviously need to prepare Linux beforehand to
work with the PERC - i.e. I need to have the megaraid module loaded and
configured, etc. This is the area where I am not sure exactly what to do.

If I am being a bit naïve in assuming that this would all work wonderfully,
when in fact there are major pitfalls, or it won't work at all, I will have
to look at another method.


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The backplane only has a single connection so how do you plan to get the
nonraid drive recognized after moving the backplane from the embedded
adaptec controller over to the new perc?

You're climbing into a big pit trying to change controller types without
reinstalling because there is no way to have the drives on 2 different
controllers at the same time.  If you have like a single external drive
enclosure you could move the existing drive to, you could add a mirror
set internally and then use dd and copy entirely the existing disk to
the raid array and would be able to migrate without reinstalling that
way but it would require having some method to move your existing single
drive to another backplane device to do it.

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