looking for success stories using the Promise 15200 and/or other iSCSI boxes

Pottinger, Hardy J. PottingerHJ at umsystem.edu
Thu Jan 27 23:50:01 CST 2005

Hi, we're looking at building a simple NAS (not SAN), and are thinking
of using the 15200 to provide redundant mirror backup space (the primary
storage would consist of some repurposed PV220s). The 15200's are
attractive because of their price, and we can get them from Dell, but
from my reading, they're also at the bottom end as far as iSCSI targets
go. FalconStor makes similar boxes, with many more features, for not a
whole lot more. But we're really looking at building a NAS here, so I'm
not sure if we need the extra wizbang.

We're looking at iSCSI mainly because we want a mirror in another
location for disaster recovery, but also because it will give us a
friendly expansion path.

We're thinking of tying the whole thing together with LVM.

I know this is scattered, I just wanted to give you a brief idea of why
I'm asking. So, if you've got a story to tell, and you feel like sharing
it with the list, or just me, please do so, it will be much appreciated.

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