Stackable Gigabit Ethernet Switches

David Hubbard dhubbard at
Wed Jan 26 15:41:01 CST 2005

From: Greg Dickie [mailto:greg at] 
> I guess you get what you pay for. I was actually surprised
> at how good the Dell was for the cost (didn't expect jumbo
> support for example). One good thing is I think they
> pushed down the pricing for the Foundry & Extreme guys.

I haven't seen any price changes on the side of those
companies based on Dell's entry, the products really
aren't similar.  The Dell switches, in my case, caused
all kinds of spanning tree problems where I have connected
other vendor (Cisco) hardware to my mostly Foundry
network before without issue, and the tagging support
was unreliable.  I've also read of numerous other problems
via the Dell forums such as the management dropping out
on the switches that only a power cycle fixes, etc.
They're probably very good for small businesses that only
need one dense switch though, can't go wrong with $600
for 48 ports.


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