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Wed Jan 26 12:50:00 CST 2005

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> spiv007 wrote:
> | Just got a  PowerEdge 700 with a CERC 6-Channel SATA RAID Controller.
> | With 80 gig sata drives.  I worked with sata drives before but with
> | the control cerc which mod i need for it?
> IIRC the SATA CERCs are all rebaged LSI Logic controllers, in this
> instance the SATA 150-6.  These chipsets use the same megaraid/megaraid2
> driver as AMI/LSI SCSI RAID controllers.

1/2 right.

The 4 port ATA is LSI logic (I think an i4). The 6 port sata is a Adaptec
aacraid card. I can't remember if they sell the sata 150-4 controller.

I just recentlty purchased a LSI logic Megaraid 150-6 which also has a
battery backup option. It is not fast by any means, but raid 1,0 and 10
work reasonably fast. Raid 5 sucks on this card, it is comparable with the
Perc3/DC (same i960 processor).

The newer LSI Logic Megaraid 300-8x would be the card to have but the shop
tells me they don't expect it to be available untill march.

So for know in the sata raid controller field dell has both LSI and
Adaptec offerings. They are comparable in speed terms.

The fastest (available at this time) sata controllers are the Areca
controllers. They have raid expansion, hot rebuilding, battery backups
raid 6 etc. which makes them a favourable competitor.



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