How to turn off yellow warning light on PE2500

jason andrade jason at
Mon Jan 24 16:38:01 CST 2005

On Mon, 24 Jan 2005, Rene Kapeller wrote:

> Hi Chris
> I installed Dell OpenManage Server Administrator Version 1.9.2
> and did
> # omconfig system esmlog action=clear
> and
> # omconfig system alertlog action=clear
> I can't find any problem with the system, nor can I see any alert 
> notification inside the 'OpenManage Server Administrator'.
> Again, it's a PE2500.

i've found the omsa web interface to be better for tracking these
things down.  the first thing to check is both power supplies are
plugged in and turned on.  the next is that all the disks are ok.

after that it could be a variety of things.. which hopefully the
log can point you at.



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