power provisioning for PE1855

Kevin P. Fleming kpfleming at starnetworks.us
Wed Jan 19 07:50:07 CST 2005

Greg Dickie wrote:

>   I've just received 4 new PE1855 chassis with a bunch of blades and I'm
> trying to figure out what to ask the electricians to wire in for power.
> Has anyone done this? These things have 4 power supplies (3+1 redundant)
> rated at 9 AMPS each @ 208V. Thats a whole lot of power for 10 blades
> even so I don't imagine that thats what they actually draw in real life.

That's not really all that much... around 560 watts per blade (for 10 
blades), not counting the power drawn by any Ethernet/FC pass-through 
modules and other bits in the chassis. Given that these are 
dual-processor Xeon blades, 560 watts each on the input side (300-350 
watts actually used) seems reasonable to me.

Take a look at the specs for the PE 1850, which is essentially the same 
unit in 1U form... it is rated to draw more power than that (550W power 
supply output, meaning a power draw of 700W or more).

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