Poweredge 1850/750 - using the dual ether net ports (Andrew Cant)

Patrik Carlsson Patrik.Carlsson at bth.se
Fri Jan 14 02:05:01 CST 2005


I had a similar problem with a PE750, so after doing some searching on
INTELs page, I found that the new driver requires ethtool. After downloading
and installing it, the eth0 is properly detected and configured according to
ethtool (when using mii-tool it only reported 100Mbps). The second, eth1, is
also detected but ethtool reports 'crappy' numbers (i.e. speed 65535??).
Probably a slight mismatch in driver/configuration of driver. The important
part is that the physical connection works, checked it by attaching eth1 to
a gigabit switch and checking the switch port parameters.

When having problems establishing links, disable auto negotiation,  helps
quite often.


Patrik Carlsson
Blekinge Institute of Technology
School of Engineering, Telecommunications Group

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