Bad PBR signature, SC 1425 and CentOS

Emanuel Carnevale emanuel at
Wed Dec 7 01:38:52 CST 2005

my company just purchased Dell PowerEdge 1425 in which we wanted to 
install CentOS with a software RAID1 installation.
I performed the installation flawlessy, with the following configuration

formatted in ext3 mounted in /



containing the swap file (1024MB)

I installed GRUB on /dev/md0
but at the time of the reboot I have only a:

"Loading PBR for descriptor 1...done
Bad PBR signature"

I googled for 2 days and I saw some explanations, but no one fits our 
case: everyone seems to be able to at least have a working installation.
Do you have any suggestion?

Thanks in advance,

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