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We had to have the mobo replaced when one started this on us......
Probably your only choice.


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I've got a 2650 that I am trying to kickstart.  During the initial boot,
it goes through the standard memory tests, the PERC controller
initialization, and then the DRAC notification.  All normal to this

After the DRAC message, the next message says "System Halted" and the
system becomes completely frozen.  Only thing to do is powercycle, which
is useless cause it just does it again.

I cannot get into the bios, since this "System Halted" message pops in
before the system enters into system setup. 

Reseated all the hardware and cables, no change.  Search engines have
turned up one or two similar cases, but no resolution, and I don't think
this problem has been reported to this list before.  I know its not
specifically a linux error, but with so many subscribers, I figure this
might be a good place to check before resigning myself to calling Dell
for support.

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