System backup applications.

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Here's what I use for "Bare Metal Recovery"

A Virtual machine was created on an esxserver that has SAN connectivity.
All Linux hosts have mondoarchive and a script I
wrote install.  The script runs and create Operating system recovery images
and stores them on our SAN through a vm I have called sandbox1.  After the
OS is restored , oracle is restored through 
Veritas (I wasn't going to generate 500G of CDROMs).
Anyway I have successfully tested this in both test and in production. I
don't use this because it's cheap. I use this because it works extremely

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Gavin Hamill wrote:
> I'd just like to back up (ahem) that statement - Arkeia is a fright to
> use and a fright to look at... we've only had one experience with it and
> a single AIT drive, but never again...
> Cheers,
> Gavin.
We use a combination of Legato NetWorker and Mondo for our backups.. 
Supports unix / linux and ms oses, though the addons tend to be 
expensive (sql agent, exchange agent etc..). That said, we have also 
evaluated bacula and it works interesting well in our setup.

Some points:
Do you need DR or bare metal recovery, mondo is your best bet here.
Do you need Oracle hot backups or something crazy, stick to a 
combination of scripts and commercial products and their agents.
Do you need regular network based backups, stick to a legato or veritas 
or bacula like solution.
Finally if you really bad on the moolah, use a combination of mondo, 
rsync and bacula.

On the hardware side you'll need to invest in either an external disk 
array (faster, cheaper but no off-site storage) or a DLT or better a 

2 cents,
- dhawal

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