System backup applications.

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Sat Oct 30 21:54:21 CDT 2004

Jason Truong said at 27/10/2004 21:58:
> Would you be so kind to forward on over that script for freezing and 
> snapshots? Our company is moving to Net Backup but I would still like to 
> use Amanda for our linux farms. I have not started to use "snapshots" in my
> linux environment but that's something I'm very interested in
> implementing.

Here we go. Obviously, don't blame me if it eats your children. It needs to
run as root. I suggest you read the script through (it's fairly simple) and
then play with it on a test machine.

Feel free to send me feedback, ideas and/or patches.

> Also any links would be appreciated.

For LVM, the LVM howto and the man pages (man lvcreate; the -s option) are all 
you'll need:

For XFS, man xfs_freeze.

For Amanda, the docs and the chapter from the unix backup book:

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