Suse SLES9 Poweredge 700 install problem

Barry Roomberg broom at
Sat Oct 30 21:43:00 CDT 2004

I've got a Poweredge 700 with a CERC controller, 2 SATA disks setup as a

I setup the mirror and waited for the CLEAR to complete.

I tried to install SLES9 and it finds the current disk, accesses it via
aacraid, and can read the current partitions.

But it errors out when attempting to fdisk or mkfs it, and then I am
unable to even access sda via an fdisk command line.


I CAN install Suse Pro 9,1m which seems to work.


I used Pro 9.1 to setup the partitions and file systems, and then
attempted to install SLES 9 over that, but it errored the same way even
when I told it not to format the disk when it attempted to mount them.

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