FW: ResierFS limit on number of directories in a directory?

Rick Crelia rick.crelia at oregonstate.edu
Fri Oct 29 16:28:00 CDT 2004


You're correct, you can only have up to 32K files or sub-dirs
(or, more accurately, hard links) in a given directory when using
ext2/ext3 filesystems. JFS also has this limitation. That leaves,
for all practical purposes, ReiserFS and XFS.

I ran into this limitation a few months ago. I opted for ReiserFS
over XFS because it seemed better integrated in the 2.4.x
kernel. Also, ReiserFS does better with smallish files, while XFS
is optimized for largeish files. In my case, I had an application
that was creating approx. 200K sub-directories in one directory,
so smaller file performance was more important to me.

BTW, I've had zero problems with the move to ReiserFS. Very happy
with it...

Good luck,


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