Fedora Core 1 on 1850

Greg Dickie greg at max-t.com
Thu Oct 28 18:03:01 CDT 2004

Do you have a shell on VC2 by this point? I think so. See if there is
anything in the anaconda.log file in /tmp. I have successfully installed
2.4.18 which definitely does not support PCI-e so I don't believe that
has anything to do with it. I think you are very close and theres just
something silly like you are missing a package that it needs.


On Thu, 2004-10-28 at 18:24, Darren wrote:
> A collegue and I have been trying to get Fedora Core 1 kickstarted onto 
> one of our many new 1850s that we've recently receieved.  For various 
> reasons, we can't switch to FC2 yet, nor to any other distro at present.
> I've seen some chatter on this list and in other places suggesting that 
> it's possible, and we've gotten pretty close.  Our kickstarts are over NFS 
> using a boot CD.  We had to compile the boot kernel ourselves to get this 
> far.  We get to the point of it creating our partitions and mkfs'ing them 
> and then anaconda craps out with an unreadable exception and tells us to 
> reboot.  On one of the virtual consoles we see the error
> "No pcic controller found"
> Although we think this may not actually be relevent.  This message is 
> followed by
> "Unable to copy comps package."
> Unfortunately most of the exception scrolls off the screen and all we're 
> left with is the cleanup.
> Has anyone managed to make FC1 work on an 1850 at all?  Is it even 
> possible?  One person has suggested to us that FC1 doesn't support 
> PCI-Express, so it may not ever work.
> Any advice or stories, either success or failure would be appreciated.
> --d
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