Tom Rawson trawson at clayst.com
Thu Oct 28 11:43:01 CDT 2004

On 28 Oct 2004 Jerry Normandin wrote:

> They were popular in 1973, it could address up to 32K 12 bit words and
> had 8 basic instruction and had a .5 MIPS rating.

Spent a summer once working at DEC programming PDP-8s, using a cross-
compiler running on a PDP-10.  The PDP-11 was the big secret project at 
the time.

I would say 1973 is too late -- I think PDP-8s were most popular in the 
mid to late 60s IIRC.  By the early 70s PDP-11s were available, and 
they were (gasp!) 16-bit!

Also .5 MIPS sounds high to me :-).  Was it really that much?


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