Caveats for Gentoo on PE2850?

Matthew Marlowe matt at
Thu Oct 28 11:29:00 CDT 2004


The standard gentoo-dev-sources >= 2.6.8-r9 kernels have all the support needed.

The only real issue is getting gentoo installed, for which you will need to use
an experimental livecd (2004.3 pre-release).  We have installed several
here in 32 bit mode.  The 64 bit and SELinux enabled livecd's are farther behind.


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>> On Thu, Oct 28, 2004 at 05:22:23PM +0200, Robert Gravsj? wrote:
>> > Hi list,
>> >
>> > I'm receiving some PE2850 in a couple of weeks. We will be running
>> > Gentoo on them and I'm wondering if there's something I should be
>> > worried about or at least keep in mind regarding running Gentoo on
>> > PE2850 or regarding Gentoo on PE in general?
>> > Any advice would be appriciated.
>> If using the ROMB, get a very recent kernel with the megaraid 2.20.4
>> driver.  BK nightly snapshots would be sufficient. :-)
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