PE1850 BIOS update without X Window

Carl Morgan (DCG RMB) rmb_list at
Thu Oct 28 04:49:01 CDT 2004

If you have an XWindows server running somewhere in the network on the
client machine to be updated, run

server:>  xhost +

client:>  export DISPLAY="<server ip address>:0.0"

The server command opens up the machine from a X security perspective, but
allows other clients to present a display.  The client command sets the X
display variable to point at the right X server.  The 0.0 is the screen
number.  The run the update package and the X client window will appear on
the server machine.

Another option is to run VNC server on the machine and connect remotely to

Hope that helps,


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Subject: PE1850 BIOS update without X Window

I am trying to update my PE1850 BIOS to the latest version using the
Update Package for Red Hat Linux, the file name is 'PE1850-BIOS-LX-A01.bin'.

I am running RHEL ES 3 x86_64 U3 without X Window support.

When I try to run the BIOS update package, I got the following error:

xterm Xt error: Can't open display: %s

How can I apply the update?


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