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On Thu, Oct 28, 2004 at 02:25:28PM +1000, Michael James wrote:
> On Thu, 28 Oct 2004 10:39 am, Allen Gray wrote:
> > I'm currently wondering whether the new PERC 4/DC
> > (the LSI 320-2X PCI-X host bus adapter)
> > is running at 133Mhz or not in my PE 2650.
> > Is there a definite way to tell that it's doing better than 66Mhz?
> In BIOS setup (F2 during boot)
>  there is a card details entry that tells you
>  what the BIOS sees in each of the slots.

Please post your lspci -vv results.
PCI-X has two speeds IIRC: 100MHz and 133MHz.  By definition it sets
the bit that older PCI versions used as 33/66MHz, so lspci will say
66MHz always for PCI-X, that's expected.  There's another bit of info
though, that's like:  +/-133MHz

where -133MHz  indicates it's running at 100MHz
and +133Mhz indicates it's running at 133MHz.

So look closely...


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