Expert way to flash the BIOS?

Matt Mitchell mmitchell at
Wed Oct 27 17:30:01 CDT 2004

Ordinarily I hate to "me-too", but...

Eberhard Moenkeberg wrote:
> Hi,
> On Wed, 27 Oct 2004, Chris Carpinello wrote:
>>Please be specific about which file(s) and methods you use to create a
>>bootable floppy to flash the BIOS.  The Dell Product Documentation CD
>>v3.8 doesn't have any information about this.  (Well, if it does, it's
>>buried deep enough that I couldn't find it.)  The executables in
>> specific to the 1650 don't provide such functionality.
> There would really be no need to publish any "executable" for "creating" a
> bootable floppy.
> A stupid simple floppy disk "image" should be sufficient for any platform.

AMEN!  This is frustration #1 with Dell.  God forbid you force a Windows 
user to write out a floppy image to disk.  Give them a pretty utility 
with a window to drop the image onto if you must.  Let the rest of us 
just have the bytes.

Frustration #1A is the fact that Dell has been dragging their feet for 
almost two years now releasing a version of "Open" manage server tools 
that will work with Linux kernel 2.6.x.  We don't all use Windows, and 
the rest of us don't all use Red Hat's bastardized 2.4 series kernels.

(Every time I am on the phone with a Dell tech I complain about these 
two things.  Usually I am on the phone because of frustration #2 with 
Dell, which is the amount of begging you have to do to get them to ship 
you replacement parts.  Disks being the worst such example, because even 
if they ship you a new one, the old one is going back to the 
manufacturer 9 times out of 10 anyway!  They spend as much $$ keeping me 
on the phone explaining to the tech that I can't just bring down the 
server during business hours to run diagnostics on it as they would just 
sending me the replacement when I ask for it the first time.)

Just had to vent.


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