System backup applications.

Ronny Adsetts ronny.adsetts at
Wed Oct 27 15:20:01 CDT 2004

Jack Carico said at 26/10/2004 17:45:
 > We are moving more of our servers to the Linux platform and I am
 > wondering what sort backup software is available for the linux platform.
 > Ideally I am looking for something that provides more functionality than
 > using dd to dump the drive to tape and I do not need all of the
 > functionality of Norton Ghost. We run several models of poweredge servers:

I'm gonna throw another voice in for Amamnda. Works like a dream for me. We're 
backing up LVM snapshots of XFS partitions where data is active. (I have a 
script for freezing and snapshotting partitions if anyone is interested)

One of the great things about Amanda is that you can recover data from the 
backups without any special tools since it uses the various system tools - 
xfsdump in our case - to actually do the dumps. With amrecover (assuming you 
remembered to turn on indexing for your backups), you can browse the backups 
from the client machines and tag files for recovery. It then tells you which 
tapes you need. Nothing magical, but it all works and works well.

And it's GPL and actively developed.


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