Expert way to flash the BIOS?

Greg Dickie greg at
Wed Oct 27 14:35:01 CDT 2004

You can download BIOS exe's off the Dell web site that will create just
such a bootable floppy. Thats what we do.


On Wed, 2004-10-27 at 14:48, Chris Carpinello wrote:
> Is there an expert/unsupported way to flash the BIOS on PowerEdge 1650
> servers?  I'm running an unsupported slimed down version of RH9 (custom
> kernel, no gcc or other dev tools, no X, etc), which is obviously not
> officially supported by Dell.
> Basically, I'm looking for a very straightforward approach to boot the
> system via floppy into an MSDOS shell and running some command line
> program that flashes the BIOS using a PE1650-BIOS*.HDR file.  You know,
> the same method most of us have done at one time or another with our PC
> motherboards.
> I'd rather not have to reinstall a supported OS (RHEL 3.0, Windows 2003,
> etc) along with OMSA and all the trimmings just for the sole purpose of
> flashing the BIOS on my two dozen PE1650s.
> - Chris
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