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Wed Oct 27 06:31:02 CDT 2004

Jack Carico <jack.carico at> writes:

> We are moving more of our servers to the Linux platform and I am
> wondering what sort backup software is available for the linux
> platform.
> Ideally I am looking for something that provides more functionality
> than using dd to dump the drive to tape and I do not need all of the
> functionality of Norton Ghost. We run several models of poweredge
> servers:
>   1550
>   1650
>   1750
>   2550
> We also run Suse 8.0 Enterprise and RH Enterprise AS.
> Basically I'm trying to research option before buying a solution.
> Unfortuneately all of the tril versions of partition backup software are
> disabled to the point that it is impossible to determine if they will
> actually work on our hardware. Any information or ideas are welcome.

You could try Arkeia. Arkeia Light is free, but limited to backups to
a single tape drive for two clients (and the server itself). If you
need to test more functionality they'll provide a time limited test

Arkeia has a quite active user community on a mailing list. It's a
nice place to get some help should you need it.


Disclaimer: I work for an Arkeia reseller.

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