System backup applications.

Jack Carico jack.carico at
Tue Oct 26 11:48:01 CDT 2004

We are moving more of our servers to the Linux platform and I am 
wondering what sort backup software is available for the linux platform.
Ideally I am looking for something that provides more functionality than 
using dd to dump the drive to tape and I do not need all of the 
functionality of Norton Ghost. We run several models of poweredge servers:
We also run Suse 8.0 Enterprise and RH Enterprise AS.
Basically I'm trying to research option before buying a solution.
Unfortuneately all of the tril versions of partition backup software are
disabled to the point that it is impossible to determine if they will 
actually work on our hardware. Any information or ideas are welcome.

   Jack Carico
   Walla Walla Community College Technical Services.

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