megaraid2 drivers in a RH9/2.4 kickstart kernel (kernel-BOOT-*.rpm)

Mike Depot mdepot at
Tue Oct 26 10:17:00 CDT 2004

You might want to try the Fedora Legacy Project.
No idea what's included in them, but there are some here that you could 
look at:

Chris Carpinello wrote:

>Has anyone on this list created a RH9/2.4 kickstart kernel
>(kernel-BOOT-*.rpm) that includes the the new (2.05.23) MegaRAID2
>drivers necessary for PERC 4e/Si RAID cards on Dell PE 1850/2850s?  I'm
>aware that using "expert noprobe" mode at install time and using a
>floppy with the new drivers is an option.  However, I'm looking for a
>non-attended solution, since I do kickstart installs dozens of times a
>- Chris

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