Server Cooling

Dalvenjah FoxFire dalvenjah at DAL.NET
Mon Oct 25 16:17:01 CDT 2004

I just wanted to add that these appear to be idle current draw, depending
on the config. We measured a full (4-cpu, 5-drive) PE 6650 in February of
this year, and came up with the following:

Off: 0.3A
Running and idle: 2.5A
Running with disk and CPUs loaded ( client with 4 crunchers
and badblocks scrubbing the drives): 4.4A

We also measured a 1750 and 1650 (both dual-cpu, single-drive), but I
can't find those numbers right now. The numbers in the previous mail
for those systems do look right for idle boxes, though.

I mainly wanted to point out that you have to remember that current draw (and
heat output; we didn't have a good way to measure that, though it can
probably be calculated) is different when the box is idle than when it's
loaded. We brought up our new data center a while ago with newly-installed,
idle 1650s running on 3 of 4 A/C units; we had to turn on the fourth when we
started putting applications on those systems.


>>>>> "Anoop.Mavath" == Anoop Mavath <Anoop.Mavath at> writes:

    Anoop.Mavath> I run data centers and measure power/cooling in real
    Anoop.Mavath> time for most models for AC/power planning. Please
    Anoop.Mavath> find similar info for Dell machines listed below
    Anoop.Mavath> that you may find helpfull.I have info for other
    Anoop.Mavath> Vendors also. I use AC tons per machine and buy
    Anoop.Mavath> units accordingly. However we buy large Lieberts 30
    Anoop.Mavath> Tons Plus capacity.

    Anoop.Mavath> PS: Expect slight variation with different CPU
    Anoop.Mavath> speeds /number of hard disks etc.  We didnt collect
    Anoop.Mavath> running config for machines while we made this
    Anoop.Mavath> chart.
    Anoop.Mavath> Model                 Amps  KVA   BTUS/     AC tons/machine
                                        @115V       Machine
    Anoop.Mavath> DELL POWER EDGE 6650  2.8   0.322 120.7822  0.010065183


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