rhel-as 3U3 kernel on PE1850

Jon Tollerton jtollerton at zoominternet.net
Mon Oct 25 12:13:00 CDT 2004

I installed a dual-processor PE1850 from the RHEL3 update 3 x86_64 cds and I
noticed that the kernel that was selected was the generic kernel package,
not kernel-smp.  Interestingly enough all of the standard tools (uname,
/proc/cpuinfo, top, etc) all show four processors.  When I installed the
kernel-smp package, the system won't boot.  I wasn't able to play with this
enough to get extensive debugging data, but this is a tad confusing when
what has been the uniprocessor kernel package has smp support.  Is this
something RH/RHEL specific or does it have something to do with the new chip


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