PowerEdge 400SC printing in Linux

David Duffey dduffey at redhat.com
Sun Oct 24 19:52:00 CDT 2004

After changing the bios parallel type to "AT" and adding this line
to /etc/modules.conf

options parport_pc io=0x378 io_hi=0 irq=7 dma=none

everything started working.

if I let the parport_pc automatically probe, it would not work.  Even if
I removed the module, and re-inserted it with the above parameters, I
would still need to reboot before it would begin working.


On Sun, 2004-10-24 at 13:47 -0500, David Duffey wrote:
> Has anyone had success printing via the parallel port of a 400SC in
> Linux?
> I'm running the the latest bios (A08), RHEL 3 (2.4.21-20), and RHEL 4
> beta 1.  The printer is a HP DeskJet 500 that works on two other non-
> Dell boxes, one running RHEL 3 and another running Debian (2.4.24
> kernel).
> Printing "works," but it is extremely slow, and becomes slower over
> time.  The first few lines of printing are "normal" but each additional
> line becomes slower.  It takes about 30 seconds to print the first two
> lines, about 5 minutes to print the first 1/8th of a page, and about 30
> minutes to print the first 1/4th of a page, etc.
> After about two / three lines of text the printer will "park" the head
> because data is arriving so slowly (or not at all).  About 30 seconds
> later, it will print another line, park the head, sleep longer, etc.
> I've tried all of the LPT settings in the bios (AT, PS2, EPP, ECP) and
> various io ranges (378 and 278).  I've used various print drivers
> (dj500, hpij, pcl3, etc) available in redhat/system-config-printer, and
> even printing directly with "cat filename > /dev/lp0" with the same
> results.  I've also tried settings with "tunelp"
> The lp probe info returned from the lp module (and tunelp) matches on
> the working non-dell box and the non-working 400 sc are the same.  The
> data being sent is exactly the same too.
> My hunch is that it's a bad 400SC, but haven't done enough testing to
> know for sure.
> Anyone else experience the same things?  I'm willing to try another OS
> (not windows) (fedora, debian, etc) on this Dell machine if others have
> had it working, but I suspect that since I tried two major RHEL versions
> and different kernels that this will not be the case.  (and RHEL is
> working with this printer on another non-Dell).
> David

David Duffey, RHCE
Business Development Manager
Dell | Red Hat

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