Server Cooling

Karl Zander KZander at
Sun Oct 24 18:28:01 CDT 2004

This is not directly Linux related.   I hope its not inappropriate to ask 

I have a PowerEdge 1600 SC and a PowerEdge 1400SC server.  Both running 
Fedora Core.  I have a cooling problem.  The servers are in a small room of 
3 feet by 10 feet.  During off hours when the main AC is off it can get up 
to over 100 degrees F in there.  Even I know that is not good.

Looking into cooling solutions.  The building engineers want to know how 
many BTUs the equipment generates.  Not sure how to calculate that.   The 
PE 1600SC has a 450 Watt power supply.  And the PE 1400SC likely has 
similar power supply.  That would be 900 Watts.    I found a web site that 
does unit conversions ( If I plug in 900 
Watts it converts to about 3070 BTU/hr.    Does it make sense to convert 
Watts to BTU/hr?

I have been looking at a spot cooler by APC called NetworkAIR.  Its rated 
at cooling 7200 BTU/hr in about 150 sq/feet.  Seems like it would meet my 
needs, if I have Watts to BTU conversation correct.    Am I thinking about 
this correctly?


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