megaraid2 driver update

Jim Greene jwgreene at
Fri Oct 22 12:24:02 CDT 2004

On testing it looked like the speed on 2.6 was much better than 2.4 for what 
we are doing...  Turns out it is really not that much different.

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> On Thu, 21 Oct 2004 19:31:45 -0400, Jim Greene <jwgreene at> 
> wrote:
>> Strange, I had thought to move to 2.6.9 which I believe has 2.20.4 as 
>> well
>> but then RH said I would not get any support from them unless it was 
>> running
>> "their" kernel. I know Dell has an updates megaraid2 driver out but for 
>> now
>> I will stick with the stock driver and see what happens.
> Yeah, I would not expect help from redhat on a self-compiled kernel.
> For that matter, as far as I can see, RHEL 3 does not have the
> nessisary support for 2.6 kernel modules (package module-init-tools)
> available. I had to compile a completely static kernel to get it
> working (I could have installed module-init-tools from source instead,
> but chose this route).
> I got to the point with redhat support where they were asking for a
> crashdump (via netdump) to figure out what is going wrong. That is not
> practical for me to set up right now, and my client is just happy that
> their server is not crashing every few days.
> What problems were you seeing with RedHat's kernel, that you decided to 
> try 2.6?
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