No gigabit with either bcm5700 or tg3

Daniel Schrock daniel.schrock at
Thu Oct 21 16:26:01 CDT 2004

Homemade cables work fine.  You just have to be meticulous when creating 
them and you have to use solid core cables...
never crimp until the copper shines through the connector for all 8 
wires and don't untwist the wires too far...

it takes a while, but if you've spent the last few years making hundreds 
of cables, like me, rolling your own GB copper cable isn't that 
hard...and it looks much nicer.

.daniel.schrock, ccnp

Chris Brougham wrote:

> Hi again,
> Thanks so much for all the tips. At the end of the day it was a bad 
> cable. The weird thing was that we tried a couple of cables.  Now my 
> staff understand that "homemade cables" don't cut it for gigabit.!
> Chris Brougham wrote:
>> Hi Folks,
>> I have been tackling this for a few days now. We have a 1750 running 
>> Redhat 9 2.4.20-8SMP and neither the tg3 driver nor the download 
>> bcm5700 driver from Broadcom or the bcm5700 driver on the Dell driver 
>> CD will give me a gig connection. The tg3 driver will not even work 
>> in the Layer 2 Alcatel 6300 switch. The bcm5700 driver does work in 
>> the switch, but only negotiates 100 mb/s. I've tried to upgrade the 
>> kernel to 2.4.27 to see if a later tg3 driver works better and that 
>> indeed does allow tg3 to connect to the Alcatel switch, but the tg3 
>> driver still won't negotiate gig speeds.
>> Under 2.4.20 I've applied the bcm5700 option feature in modules.conf, 
>> but that doesn't  work either.
>> The bcm5700 also restarts the nic during bootup and that screws up my 
>> NIS connections! I read a workaround for that somewhere, but I can't 
>> remember where!
>> Interestingly, the 1750 always connects at 100mb/s before the OS 
>> loads. That is, as soon as it pwers up the the switch indicates it's 
>> at 100 mb/s connection.  I'm not sure if that's normal and that the 
>> drivers then force the chip to gig mode or it indicates some hardware 
>> problem.
>> Should I just forget this foolishness and go with an Intel PCI-X 
>> card? If so which model would your ecommend?
>> Thanks for any help!

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