The state of monitoring PE servers under Linux

Andrew Hill andrew at
Wed Oct 20 08:36:00 CDT 2004

Hi Matt,

Matt Domsch wrote:
> > I've installed the above version of OMSA on a RHEL 3.0 ES server,
> > but it doesn't look like there's anything in the SNMP tree that's
> > not included in the default net-snmp tree. (OpenManage IT Assistant
> > 6.5 is picking the server up as an unclassified system.)
> Is dcsnmpd32 running?  That's a sub-agent that plugs into net-snmp.


> My /etc/snmp/snmpd.conf file has this at the end:
> # Allow Systems Management Data Engine SNMP to connect to 
> snmpd using SMUX
> smuxpeer .

I have this too.

Okay, so it's probably set up correctly....

*restarts snmp*

Hey, how about that! It works! :-)

Thanks for your help!

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