PowerEdge 2650 w/ 2.6 Kernel

rmb_list (Carl Morgan) rmb_list at dcgdatapoint.com
Tue Oct 19 06:16:00 CDT 2004


I'm currently getting a number of 2650's running with SUSE 9 / Kernel  The basic stuff is all running smoothly and I've got PCP, Nagios
running neatly.

My question is: Does IPMI run on 2.6 with 2650 and will this provide
'sensor' information on the local host?

I'm happy to compile / work with the tools but
	a) Can someone tell me they have done it?
	b) the 2650's support OpenIPMI?

Alternatively, I may be mad to try and get 2650 w/ 2.6 monitoring working -
let me know :-)


Carl Morgan
DCG|Datapoint Group Limited, Surrey, UK

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