Modem Solution for Dell/RedHat

Peter Mueller pmueller at
Mon Oct 18 17:50:01 CDT 2004

> Mileage may vary.. I assume USB will work fine since it's 
> refined/mature 
> under Linux. It can emulate a standard serial port but I've 
> never tried it myself.

USB should be fine with any later 2.4 kernel.  No issues, in fact probably
less than with serial.

> You also might want to check out Nagios. Many poweredge users 
> (including 
> myself) use Nagios for monitoring. I had tried bigbrother 
> when netsaint 
> (prior to becoming nagios) had hit a slowdown in development, 
> but ended up moving back.

I agree.  We switched from BB to Nagios about 6 months ago.  Initial setup is
more of a hassle, but end results are IMO well worth it.  If you decide to
switch it, setup a mini-environment (for staging or similar) first to learn
the kinks and get a more efficient setup.


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