fc2 on PowerEdge 1850 with PERC 4e/Si

lawson@dayton.net lawson at dayton.net
Fri Oct 15 10:05:01 CDT 2004

I'm trying to install Fedora Core 2 on a Power 1850 with a PERC 4e/Si
controller.  The installer, however, fails to recognize a "disk" (the
PERC) and prompts for manual selection of drivers.  The "MegaRAID 418,
428, 438, 466, 763 (megaraid)" driver is an option but, when loaded, fails
to regonize the "disk" as well.

Apparently I need the megaraid2 driver.

As far as I can tell, my option is to manually create the megaraid2.ko
file and create a driver disk (Dell offers a dd for RH9 and RHEL3 but
these don't use the same kernel).  I found a HOWTO for createing a dd
(http://faq.linux.cz/pracovni/driver-disk-howto) but am unsure as to the
appropriate driver source code to dl or the appropriate way to insert it
into the kernel for module compile.  I've dl'd the
but this doesn't seem to be the megaraid2.

I know this subject came up last month (yes, I checked the archives first.
 :-) and have spoken with the poster but he still does not have a

So, what comes next?  What is my option here?

Thank you,
Kirk Lawson

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