No gigabit with either bcm5700 or tg3

Sean Dilda agrajag at
Fri Oct 15 08:39:00 CDT 2004

On Fri, 2004-10-15 at 00:36, Chris Brougham wrote:
> Hi Folks,
> I have been tackling this for a few days now. We have a 1750 running 
> Redhat 9 2.4.20-8SMP and neither the tg3 driver nor the download bcm5700 
> driver from Broadcom or the bcm5700 driver on the Dell driver CD will 
> give me a gig connection. The tg3 driver will not even work in the Layer 
> 2 Alcatel 6300 switch. The bcm5700 driver does work in the switch, but 
> only negotiates 100 mb/s. I've tried to upgrade the kernel to 2.4.27 to 
> see if a later tg3 driver works better and that indeed does allow tg3 to 
> connect to the Alcatel switch, but the tg3 driver still won't negotiate 
> gig speeds.

I have a good number of 1750's.  They all connect to Dell PowerConnect
5224 switches at 1000Mb/s full-duplex.  I use the tg3 driver.  I've run
RHL9 on them (with latest updates) and am now running CentOS 3.3 on

I've only had one machine that wouldn't negotiate at gigabit speeds.  I
swapped out the cable, and it worked.  What kind of ethernet cable are
you using?  You should be using at least cat5e.

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