Powervault 120T DDS4 Autoloader Fan

Basil Hussain basil.hussain at kodakweddings.com
Fri Oct 15 08:28:01 CDT 2004


Judging by the pic of the rear panel in the docs for the unit, I bet it's
probably just a standard 12V 60mm fan (or maybe 40mm or 80mm - the scale
isn't very apparent). You should be able to get these almost anywhere. All
you need to do is open it up and get handy with a soldering iron! :-)

By the way, I think there's another reason you should get it fixed, if not
for maintaining a cool environment for the tapes. That fan likely primarily
cools the power supply, which may not live too long with no cooling...


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> Subject: Powervault 120T DDS4 Autoloader Fan
> 	We have a Powervault 120T DDS4 Autoloader connected to a Poweredge
> 1400.  It's an older unit and out of warranty (which is, of course, when
> everything breaks...:) ).  It's an external unit and the cooling fan in
> the enclosure has stopped working.  I called Dell about ordering a
> replacement part but the tech support fellow said none were available.
> I've had no luck tracking down a number for Sony to see if I can get a
> replacement fan from them.  Does anyone on the list have any idea where
> (or even *if*) I can get a replacement part for this unit?  It appears
> to function fine in all other ways, but the heat build up within the
> unit is really bad for the tapes.
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