Using two Dell 2850's and a PowerVault 221

David davidu at
Wed Oct 13 22:55:00 CDT 2004

As I noted earlier today, we are ordering two Dell 2850's.

These servers will have 15K U320 drives in a RAID-5 configuration and
will be running MySQL only.  I am going to be setting them up in a
failover configuration with some of the linux-ha tools (our os is
Debian) and they will share an external IP.

The database is currently around 10gigs and I expect it to grow with
12 months to around 75 gigs.

As our application grows I want to evaluate my upgrade options.  Are
people running the PV 221 in a dual controller setup between two

What are the mechanisms to control the device?  Will the device accept
commands from either server or does one need to tell the device it is
"in control"?  We will be using it in the cluster formation, not as a
split storage array. (so we get access to 13 drive spaces, from what
I've read).

In general, I'm curious as to how people are finding this setup?

Compaq has the DL380 HA cluster series with the MSA1000 (and now the
MSA1500cs) which look very appealing but the new DL380 G4's have some
non-standard hardware that has turned me off of them (and despite
using debian internally by their developers, they won't provide much
besides .rpm's and their snmpd fork to monitor the raid status is a

Thanks for any insights you have.  If there are enough off-list posts,
I'll be happy to summarize back to the list in a few days.


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