IPMI on PE1400

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Wed Oct 13 09:52:01 CDT 2004

PE1400 does not have IPMI support by default unless you are using the DRAC add-on card.
If not then the OpenIPMI driver will not work. 
You can use Dell OpenManage to monitor the sensors etc.


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I'm trying to get IPMI working on a PE 1400, without any luck. I used 
both the 'stock' driver in 2.6.9-rc4 and the patches against 
(v33), but ipmi_si seems to be unable to find a System Interface. I 
noticed that during the 'detection phase' (and during a BT reset) the 
fans in the PE are making much more noise, so 'some' communication seems 
to succeed in a way.
So I wondered wether this is a known problem, or is this a PE 
1400-specific bug. I read something about Dell committing some Changes 
(a post from Matt), but it was unclear for me wether theses changes were 
already committed, or not.

kind regards,
Jorik Jonker

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