Linux Mandrake 10.0

Karim El Chenawi chenawi at
Wed Oct 13 08:50:00 CDT 2004

Hi Mark,

Well, in my case, a PE1600SC with megaraid, the only tool from DELL that 
   works for me on Gentoo is dellmgr. I would like to get the percsnmp 
up and running which would give me everything from raid status to 


Mark Watts wrote:
> To monitor the raid, you can use the command-line tools and scripts on 
> You might have to use the tar.gz versions and fiddle a few things by hand 
> (device node creation of /dev/afaX for example), but generally they work.
> Mark.
>>>A question for you guys running Mandrake: What tools do you use to
>>>monitor the raid, temperatures etc? I'm running Gentoo myself with
>>>little success with the monitoring...
>>>Mark Watts wrote:
>>>>Although Mandrake is not 'officially' supported by Dell, there are a
>>>>number of us here who run Mandrake on Dell servers (more successfully
>>>>than the RedHat users I might add :)
>>>>>>Good Day!
>>>>>>      This is my first time to install a linux
>>>>>>mandrake 10.0 ISO image downloaded from the internet
>>>>>>for the Dell PE1850 server. My question is since
>>>>>>mandrake is not supported by DELL  (only RedHat) and
>>>>>>not on the list of DOSA where can I get the following
>>>>>>drivers for this server (RAID controller, SCSI
>>>>>>controller, video card on so on.
>>>>>>Thanks in advance.
>>>>>>Alex Calunge

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