Mikey Sklar sklarm at electric-clothing.com
Tue Oct 12 18:02:01 CDT 2004

I've got about 234 Dell 3250's. Obviously running diags or reading the
SEL from the EFI would be a daunting task on all these machines every
time a orange light came on.

I've found two ways to easily read the hardware logs in more scriptable

1) Intels dpcproxy/dpccli can be installed and run against the 3250's
    to pickup the SEL.

2) Dell now bundles OSA solproxyd/ipmish (osabmcutil-1.0+) for the
    8th generation servers. These have worked just fine for me for console
    and remote power/sel/fw levels on Dell 1850/2850.

In order to use either of these you must have the BMC configured. You
can do that using the SMU from the EFI. The BMC can even share the same
IP as the host via dhcp which is cool, and not really supported if I
recally correctly.


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Date: Mon, 11 Oct 2004 14:18:36 -0400
From: mark mclarnon <mark.mclarnon at gmail.com>
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Greetings all:

I have 19 3250's all running RHAS2.1 and 6 of which have the amber
warning light flashing. I am new to managing the 3250's and was
wondering if any of you folks know more about them. Since there is no
OpenManage or 32bit diagnostics like there is for the PE 1750 or 2650,
what do you guys use to diagnose problems when they arise?

Support is not being much help, they tell me there is something called
the Intel Server Management CD which I can download from the support
website. The only tool I see on there from Intel is the "Intel ARP
tool". I have no clue what this has to do with diagnosing problems
with the hardware.

Any clues?



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Subject: RE: 3250
Date: Mon, 11 Oct 2004 13:39:53 -0500
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Actually there are a couple of ways to run Diags on the 3250.   The
Intel Server Management CD is a Gui based application that can be
installed and run from the Gui.

 	You can also boot to the Resource CD in the EFI shell and run
Diags as well as use the SMU, to view the Sel Viewer.  (SEL viewer
basically shows the BMC (Baseboard Management Controller) log.)

 	More than likely the flashing amber event is listed in the SEL
Viewer,  explaining exactly what the error message is.     Intel Server
Management will also display the SEL viewer from the GUI.

 	Hope that helps.

Jason Groce.

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