OMSA 1.9 observations

Tom Lesniak TLesniak at
Tue Oct 12 10:37:17 CDT 2004

I've got some experience using OMSA 1.5 and am going to be upgrading to
OMSA 1.9 and have come across some issues.  Has anyone else noticed that
not all of the omconfig options work on all of the chassis. (I'll stick to
the differences between the 2600 and 2800 since this is what I use the
most) I'm also running on RedHat Linux.

Example 1 - under OMSA 1.5, I would run the following command to blink the
identify LED on the front of my PE2600 server. `omconfig chassis leds
led=identify flash=on timeout=15`  This worked fine and would blink the led
for 15 seconds. However now that I've got OMSA 1.9 installed on my 2600,
when I run this command I get the following error    'Error! This LED
setting is not supported on this system.'  It seems that for some reason,
this feature got broken in the newer version of OMSA when running on an
older chassis.  I have OMSA 1.9 running on a PE2800 and this command does
work. so it seems to only affect older systems.  Any idea as to why this is
not working?

Example 2 - Under OMSA 1.5 you could power-cycle and power-off the server
remotely. (granted this only used a 45 second timer from the time that the
command was issued, until the time that the power was cut, but at least it
was available) Now when I load OMSA 1.9 on my PE2600 I do not even get
these commands when I run 'omconfig system shutdown -?' I only get the
option to reboot the server.

root at test#omconfig system shutdown -?
shutdown         Shutdown server.
Valid parameters are:
action=reboot            Shutdown, reboot the server.
osfirst=<true|false>     On shutdown, shutdown the OS first. Default is

However when I run this on the PE2800 I get all 3 actions (reboot,
powercycle, poweroff)  It seems that this feature, while it was not optimal
on the 2600 but it did work, was also removed or modified not to work on
the 2600.

Example 3 - One other thing that I have noticed is that the 2600 is now
using the IPMI driver, not the ESM driver. I wonder if some of these
options would work on the 2600 if I was able to get it to use the ESM
driver. I loaded OMSA 1.9 on a 2500 that I have, and the 'blink led'
function still works on this chassis (this chassis uses the esm driver)
Any ideas as to how to get the 2600 to use the ESM driver? when I was
running OMSA 1.5 it did use the esm driver.

     - Tom Lesniak
     Lyrix Inc.

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