couldn't gunzip om38_lnx_managed_systems_A00.tar.gz

Wygant, Matthew Matthew.Wygant at
Wed Oct 6 16:04:01 CDT 2004

If you downloaded via FTP, you will have to set the binary mode with
'bin' at the command line.  It sounds like you did not get the whole
file.  You can compare your file size vs the one on the Dell FTP site so
see if it matches, also you can run 'file
om38_lnx_managed_systems_A00.tar.gz' and see if it sees the correct
compresses tar info. That version of OMSA has been out for a while now,
so if it was the Dell source, they would have heard lots more complaints
by now.  I would try to download again.  


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Subject: couldn't gunzip om38_lnx_managed_systems_A00.tar.gz 

I just recently downloaded om34 - om38 tarball's and when I go to gunzip

them I get "Unexpected end of file" error.  Is there anything I can do
fix this?  Did something go wrong when I was downloading them?  Any help

would be so welcomed!! :)


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