PERC3/Di firmware for PE2650 are .exe files (Re: 2850 raid stability)

Mark Dadgar mark at
Tue Oct 5 21:30:00 CDT 2004

On Oct 5, 2004, at 7:03 PM, Greg Dickie wrote:
> Just to play devil's advocate here and since I was just playing with
> this today....
> Do we even need a bootable floppy or CD? For some things such as BIOS
> updates we seem so close to be able to flash the firmware live (except
> for some reason it needs to be built against kernel source?). That 
> would
> be the ideal situation. If I have to make a bootable floppy, I don't
> really care what OS is on it, I still need physical access to the
> machine. The best possible scenario as I said is to flash it on a
> running system and then reboot. I think that should be possible in many
> cases....

That would be the optimal solution, of course.  And if other, more 
commercial OSes are any indication (Mac OS X, for example) we'll get 
there eventually.

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